Vote 2022

Elections for the 22-23 year will run through Friday, May 20th, 2022

Elected positions include Vice-Chair (3-yr commitment), Board of Directors, Secretary, & Treasurer

Vote online (requires a google or account) or email Marty Sattison

Vice-Chair Candidates

The Vice Chair is a three-year position, serving the first year as Vice Chair, the second year as Chair, and the third year as a Board Member. Select one candidate.

Dr. Jagoda Urban-Klaehn

Dr. Youssef Shatilla

Board of Directors Candidates (2 positions available)

The Board of Directors help oversee the activities and governance of Idaho ANS. The position is a one-year term. Select up to two candidates.

Dr. John Bess

Dr. Efe Kurt

Dr. Kevan Weaver

Treasurer & Secretary Candidates

The Treasurer manages the finances for IANS, and the Secretary is responsible for maintaining records for IANS. The positions are one-year terms. Choose one candidate for each position.

Bob Borrelli


Paul Menser