Executive Committee

Ronald Boring

  • Chair
  • Human Factors Manager - INL

Martin Sattison

  • Vice-Chair
  • Chair, ANS National Program Screening Committee

Jodi Vollmer

  • Secretary
  • LWRS Project Administrator

Bob Skinner

  • Treasurer
  • Retired Navy and INL

David Chichester

  • Board Member

James Parry

  • Board Member
  • Transient Reactor Test Facility Science Lead

Catherine Riddle

  • Board Member
  • Director of STEM Outreach

Bob Borrelli

  • Director of Community Service
  • University of Idaho Nuclear Engineering Faculty

Danielle Peterson

  • Director of Membership
  • Director of Arrangements
  • Director of Topical Meetings

John Tanner

  • Historian
  • Retired INL - Criticality Safety and NMR

Roger Mayes

  • Education and Scholarships

Joseph Campbell

  • Communications

Michael Reichenberger

  • Director of Web Media
  • Radiation Measurement Scientist - INL

Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar

  • Vice-President Elect ANS National
  • University of Idaho Nuclear Engineering Associate Dean

Wesley Yockey

  • Idaho State University Student Section Representative

Robin Roper

  • University of Idaho Student Section Representative