Education & STEM Outreach

IANS has established endowments at ISU and UoI that can accept donations to support students

IANS is a proud supporter of the Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen and is happy to encourage donations

A student-led symposium was held at INL's campus in Idaho Falls to discuss topics covering energy saving solutions. Boise State University, Idaho State University and University of Idaho collectively teamed up with INL to host this event. The event was featured on the local news on 3/30/2023.

Idaho State University christens new reactor console

A ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony for the new operating console for Idaho State University’s research and training nuclear reactor was held on Oct. 20, 2020 as part of Nuclear Science Week activities at Idaho State University. 

IANS awarded all five local section awards

The Idaho local section was recognized for our outstanding performance in 2020 by the ANS national for best membership, best section management, best meetings and programs, best public information and education, and best overall section. 

The Idaho Section of the American Nuclear Society fully supports the city of Idaho Falls’ involvement and leadership in Utah Associated Municipal Power System’s Carbon Free Power Project that will lead the nation in commercial deployment of small modular reactors.  See the whole article in the Post Register from 9/16/220.

STEM Legacy

Retired experts  looking for an amazing way to work with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students can volunteer through IANS to be a STEM presenter and mentor in our K-12 STEM outreach program for seniors. 

All experts in STEM fields are wanted!

Sign up today and be apart of passing your expertise to next generation. 

Contact: Dr. Cathy Riddle, IANS outreach chair and Director 

Smoke Detector Donations

Smoke detectors  use radioactive material to sense when smoke is present. There is no radiation exposure to nearby people, pets, etc. 

Over the past fourteen years, we have worked with more than 70 fire departments to donate more than 5700 smoke detectors to Idaho residents using nuclear science to save lives!

There are lots of detectors to deliver and we can always use help. Ask how at the next dinner meeting.

STEM in the Museum

900 students attended the STEM at the Museum event in Oct. 2019 where IANS helps to promote curiosity and interest in the sciences.

Ask how you can help at this annual event during the next meeting!

“It is all super fun...”

Student Section Support

Students at the University of Idaho and Idaho State University are represented and supported by IANS.

Student dues to ANS can be supplemented by IANS and the dinner meetings are subsidized for student members!

Learn more about these benefits and many more by attending the next dinner meeting.

Please contact IANS for more information about attending or supporting any of our education and STEM outreach projects