Vote 2024

Elections for the 24-25 year will run through Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Elected positions include Vice-Chair (3-yr commitment), Board of Directors, Secretary, & Treasurer 

Vote online (requires a google or account) or email Marty Sattison

Vice-Chair Candidates

The Vice Chair is a three-year position, serving the first year as Vice Chair, the second year as Chair, and the third year as a Board Member. Select one candidate.

Dr. Daniel Schwen

Dr. Katya Le Blanc

Dr. Vivek Agarwal

Board of Directors Candidates (2 positions available)

The Board of Directors help oversee the activities and governance of Idaho ANS. The position is a one-year term. Select up to two candidates.

Dr. Wince Wang

Sally White

Dr. Jan Vermaak

Dr. Palash Bhowmik

Dr. Kevan Weaver

Secretary Candidates

Secretary is responsible for maintaining records for IANS. The position is for a one-year term. Choose one candidate.

Paul Menser

Treasurer Candidate

The Treasurer manages the finances for IANS. Choose one candidate.

Dr. Bob Borrelli